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David Nechelput Advice Plus – Incentive 

Climbing Mont Blanc ... was undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments of my life. Some impressions of this fantastic trip? A physical challenge, a warm group feeling, the natural beauty that we got at full force, not to mention the foot massage for a happy ending on the last day. 

Also amazing was the character and physical readiness of our tour guide, Ellen. To ensure that everyone had a good start, she left last, at the end of a long line (and much later) at the start of the climb. On the way, she just passed everyone, with a smile and seamlessly without being out of breath … to be first on top of the top. This way she could take the most beautiful picture of everyone! And all that with a heavy backpack in which she carried all the gear we needed to watch the Red Devils together via television, sitting on the top of the mountain. Admirable.

I would like to conclude with only one thing: I will undoubtedly do this again!


Didier Verbic Life and Finance – Incentive

Hello Ellen,

What can one say about this wonderful memory of the Lofoten Islands. Top organization at the top, with great companions, simplicity and efficiency. Exceptional nature, beautiful mountains for trekking the lake endless and the sea ... The fish that dry in the open air ... my nose still remembers: -0 Fishing on the boat with a line and gloves ... then cooked immediately ... short cycle ... Last detail, the domestic flight with the small, single engine aircraft ... Must hold on to land on this small runway and especially the steep descent of the plane at the end ... definitely, no eating beforehand ...

In short, nothing but positives, I recommend it.
Total change of scenery.

Clients Incentives

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