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Plan and structure effective meetings

Meetings are an important organisation tool as they can be used for several reasons, be it pooling & developing ideas, solving problems, making decisions, encouring enthousiam and initiative, providing a sense of direction or creating a common purpose. For a meeting to be effective, it needs to have a specific structured plan and goals.


Set goals: For whom, why and wat

According to several studies, it is proven that meetings are the number 1 time waster, as they are often unorganized, with no real purpose, missing a clear meeting agenda. It is therefore of utmost importance, before looking into the perfect setting and coordinating every single detail, to setting your meeting goals and understanding the needs of your audience. Outline for whom exactly and why you are holding a meeting and what you hope to accomplish as a result.



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Planning without action is futile - Action without planning is fatal

Quote – Cornelius Fichtner