Incentive travel

And the positive impact when focusing on the emotion

It's all about psychology


A non-cash reward as a win-win

Academic research shows that when trying to motivate desired behaviours, non-cash rewards including travel, participation to exclusive events and other unique privileges are a more effective way to engage your targeted audience. 


Never forget the emotion

While cash is useful, it’s not something that can be used to make an emotional connection. Cash may get spent on bills or routine expenditures, with no long-lasting association. Walking the path of the "emotion" brings memorable experiences creating a positive association with your sponsoring company.



Is this experience for you?

Inspire sales reps to surpass their performance metrics
Recognize employees for keeping up their business goals
Motivate dealers to sell more of your products
Reward channel partners for their loyalty
Stimulate business partners to provide qualified referrals for additional opportunities or partnerships

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

Quote – St Augustine