Product launch

Teased by mistery and excitement

It's all about storytelling

Create a feeling of expectation and excitement

Launching a new product can be the start of a wonderful growth… or a total fiasco. It is a key moment that needs all the care and attention it can get. Create a story around your product... Consider pre-launch giveaways, giving away your product to or having your product tested by an exclusive group of lucky participants.


Lean into the mystery

When organising a product launch event, make sure it is as exclusive and mysterious as possible, as the more exclusive your product launch seems, the more your consumers become eager to have it. On invitation only, just for the happy few, creates a buzz around your product, even before the launch of it. Consider inviting influencers, bloggers and important people from your industry, making sure your product gets all the attention it deserves.




You wish to build a hype around your product and consider launching it through an event? Or, you are already into the launch event but are not sure whether you are pushing your product to the limits, creating this exclusive buzz? Remember that grabbing your audience's attention and getting them engaged will ultimately contribute to the success of your event.


Be it the launch of a new car, a book, an insurance, a movie, a new collection of pret-a-porter, a gastronomic menu, ...


Together, we build your story!

Tell stories that connect with your customers and help them imagine using your product to accomplish their goals

QUOTE - Joy Capps