Event Designer, Hospitality Geek, Creative Brain, Passionate traveller, …

 “I was twelve when I read a fascinating article at the breakfast table about the growing success of incentive travel in the States. From that day on I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life after graduating: Having my own incentive company in Belgium!"


And so, it happened…

As a student in Tourism and Business Management, Ellen chose in 2001 Destination Unlimited, a pioneering incentive house located in Brussels, Belgium, to do her 6-months traineeship. It was love at first sight. Their ecological mindset and corporate social spirit won her heart. 


“The world is a miraculous place and we need to keep it that way.”


As a young girl, Ellen always dreamt about exploring the world, discovering different continents and learning new languages. At the age of ten, she started writing to a pen pal from the UK, to master her English. Soon after, her dad put her on a plane to Manchester, by herself, to go and meet her English pen pal. From that day onwards, Ellen’s independence and sense of entrepreneurship grew massively. At the age of fifteen, Ellen started working in a bar over the weekends, to save money to be able to travel. It is there that she realised that the hospitality industry, serving people, is what drives her.

9/11 put a spell on her dream…

After a successful traineeship, she was eager to start her career at Destination Unlimited, but 9/11 decided otherwise. The market collapsed and Ellen had to broaden her horizon elsewhere. 

In 2004, 2 years after her graduation, unhappy with her career at that time, she put on her brave shoes and knocked on the door of Destination Unlimited. She persuaded the founders of contracting her with the promise she would take over the company “one day, when the time would be right for the founders to walk other paths”.


And one day…

Ten years after contracting her, in 2014, the founding fathers of Destination Unlimited left their company in the hands of Ellen and slowly but surely, she started paving her own incentive company, continuing with the same legacy, embracing corporate social responsibility practices. 

Soon after, in 2015, Destination Unlimited got rewarded with the internationally recognized ‘Commitment to the Community Award’.


The Event Design Canvas…

To keep up with the ever changing event & travel industry, Ellen successfully attended the Mastery of the Event Design Certificate Program and is designing ever since unlimited experiences, focusing on a human-centric approach.

The future of Destination

For the past 15 years, Ellen has had the privilege of creating extraordinary itineraries and encountering exceptional personalities thanks to the co-creation with her team and her clients.

Therefore she decided in 2019, to design a new branch, being Destination Journeys, whereby she reveals her top 9 signature travels, in honor of her team who have put all their love and passion into the design of these projects.

With its 20th anniversary coming along in April 2020, Ellen and her team have put their heads together to rebrand “Destination”, putting both branches, Unlimited and Journeys, in the spotlights, to revive, give inspiration and to share these unforgettable moments.

The world is like a book and those who do not travel only read the first page