Eco-Cultural voyages

Discovering the unknown

Immersion into other civilizations...

What lies behind the horizon we don’t know about?

Which cultures are beyond our reach that intrigue us?

Who are those civilizations we only read about in history books?

What tracks have been made under the same sun that is not shared yet?

Allow us to take you to places tucked away, rarely visited by the outside world to settings only the locals know. We will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in these different cultures, guided by experienced locals who will inspire you with their stories.



Is this experience for you?

Interacting with a remote hunter-gatherer tribe in Papua New Guinea, experiencing the Diwali or Holi festival in India, living an authentic encounter with an ethnic Maasai tribe, staying at the remote premises of the forgotten Transylvanian Aristocracy in Romania, getting engaged in the Semahane ceremony and the 700 years history of the whirling dervishes, attending a Shinbyu novice initiation ceremony in Myanmar, ...


Our aim is to immerse you in unknown cultural happenings, to facilitate the interaction with geographically isolated and culturally disadvantaged indigenous tribes, providing them the ability to generate a sustainable income through ecotourism.



We will be attending the unique Obberammergau Passion Play in Germany, taking place between May and October 2020. This is the world’s biggest open-air performance including over 2.000 acting citizens, based on the Passion of Christ, happening only every 10 years since 1633, in a small Bavarian town, located at 100 km outside Munich.

Exposing yourself to various cultures is vital towards personal growth

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